Saturday, August 17, 2013

Trophies, Bouquets, Duckies, Installs, & Summer Madness!

Wow! Things have been busy the last few weeks!  I've made trophies, wedding centerpieces, wedding bouquets, worked on public art, proposals, & installed a fountain!  Plus, we somehow ended up taking in 5 adorable little duckies that have been nothing but distracting, lol :)
Starting with; the fountain--that has kept me busy for weeks!  Commissioned by the Idaho Botanical Garden last fall: this piece took 3 tries to get right (more on that later) It is finally in place & looks beautiful, just like we planned; I'm very happy with the overall look of it; even if it didn't go smooth the first (or second) time, lol ; )

In addition to 8 trophies that shipped to Japan last week, & the 12 that will go to South Carolina on Monday, I finished up this one for a copper mine in Nevada & sent it out.  It stands 22 inches tall; made from steel, aluminum, & copper, with a wood base--one of my best yet :)   This is a perpetual trophy; winners names will be added to the base year after year.  I hope they like it as much as I do ;)

And the new duckies!  OMG: so cute!  I found an add on Craigslist saying that a family had rescued these 5 ducks as babies, but no longer had the room for them: they were very concerned that they go to a good home with lots of room, & I was very happy to take them :)  They are young Sweedish Black ducks, as far as I can guess-4 hens & 1 drake. And so sweet & cute & happy!  I have missed having ducks around the place, & when I saw the add I couldn't resist ; )  I'll post more pics later...

And, the latest crazy alternative wedding bouquet; instead of pearls & flowers she wanted nuts, bolts, & it!  One of my favs.   Also this week; shipped one out that will be walking down the aisle at Burning Man, another to Spain, & a whole bunch of tree centerpieces for a wedding in Canada.

Whew!  It's been quite the week!  I was so happy to sleep in a bit today & get caught up: still a few bouquets to make tomorrow & an order of trophies; thankful for the weekend & no one calling ; )

Updates coming; next week is Boise World Trade Center Memorial Week--it will be done & installed: one way or another :)