Thursday, August 29, 2013

New Duckies on the Farm

omg, a few weeks ago I saw a Craigslist add for Swedish Black ducks; somehow, they 
ended up in a pet carrier in the back seat of my truck, lol :)
I seriously could not resist taking them home...
 they really are the cutest things, ever!!  Quwaking & wagging their little tail feathers--way
better than anti-depressants, lol---you cannot watch them out in the yard for more than 5 minutes & be smiling: they are such happy little duckies!

For the most part, they get along quite well with everyone else--although the geese are big meany-heads... they so love to chase the ducks & throw their weight around.... Little do they know: they will be off to "freezer camp" soon.: if they weren't such bullies--I would love to keep them around: but  they insist on being mean: they chase the chickens & ducks away from the foods; just for for the fun of it; they don't actually  eat it...big meany

 Everyone  else seems to co-exist quite nicely...
Except for the fact they we have 6 roosters at the moment.  Even though they are little, their crowing contests in the morning are getting a bit old.  The herd will be thinned next week, though when 4 of the little noise-makers join the geese in freezer-camp.

In other bird news: Grey Chicken keeps insisting on beeing broody: besides the fact that we don't need any more little chickens at the moment, it's been so hot that I worry about her sitting in the coop all day....  So, she got dunked in the pool: I have found that cooling them off will usually break the broody cycle. We'll see.

Yes, it's quite the little bird farm around here :)  
I've got some projects to do; nesting boxes for the duckies, improvements to the chicken house, etc.
And working on some designs for chicken/duck/farm garden stakes & signs; soon to be available on my Etsy shop.