Monday, July 15, 2013

Trophies Week

This week, we will be cutting, polishing, & assembling over 50 trophies---I'm a bit freaked out about it, but it will happen, of that I'm sure....
38 of these; complete with custom plaques, including the category & name of the winner; Thursday is the big day to clean, polish & assemble; hoping we have the plaques done by then.  If not, I might be bolting on plaques Friday night---the event is on Saturday!
Plus this custom trophy: commissioned by a copper mine in Nevada; I still need to fabricate a wood base for it & get the plaques completed & mounted....
And 8, similar to this that are being shipped to Japan....

Plus 3 custom designs that I have not drawn up yet; for a Harley rider, a golfer, & a tree... & a few others.

Holy cows; add that to over 100 degree temps for the week, plus other custom commissions & the WTC project, & family in town for the week=yikes! 

Good thing the chickens & Skwishy Cat are a big help, lol ;)
Seriously: I'm really grateful for the work; just hope I can deliver everything on schedule!

Tomorrow; downtown retail development site visit to discuss a custom public art piece, then floating the river---it's predicted 113 temps in the afternoon; which means my little shop will be a hot-box until later when it cools off.  Wednesday we are cutting pieces all day, Thursday assemble, clean & polish--hopefully in full.  If plaques are not done; Friday we will bolt them on to deliver to downtown Boise on Saturday for the Fusion Awards.   The other trophies: hopefully we will be able to ship out before then...

Cheers to a busy summer season!
Planning a break in August to camp, explore, & recharge :)

Happy Summer :)