Thursday, July 11, 2013

Summer Sunset

Tonight, while putting the chickies & goosey-poodles to bed, the sky was so pretty; I couldn't help but take a few pics :) Love the evening sky!
The sculpture is about 8 feet tall; one of my absolute favorites; I would only consider selling to to someone very special: it was one of the first large scale pieces I made, & I love it!  Stainless steel, concrete, cable, & a purple crystal on top: when you look through the crystal, everything is upside down.  
Anyway; I resides in front of my little studio these days, & the chickens love to scratch around it for bugs, lol
I'm so thankful to have a studio out in the "country": still in Boise, but an older neighborhood--big lots-no rules (pretty much)  I can garden & have a herd of chickens & geese, play my music loud & work whenever I want to.  My only close neighbors are a couple of elderly horses & a pair of cows, lol :)

Happy Thursday!