Sunday, July 7, 2013

new Postcards

New postcards on the way; whatcha think??
These are just for give-away at shows & the like; trying to be a bit more clear in all the stuffs we have to offer :) 

Looking forward to next week--it's going to be busy: WTC fabrication, possible tv interview, lots of design work on the table, & of course keeping track of the bird herd...  Tonight the other Canadian goose decided she was grown up & flew away; I was expecting it, but still sad; she was so sweet.  Might have to bring home another Pilgrim this week to keep the other company ;)

Alarm is set for 6; first on the agenda is a nice long walk/run; then juice for breakfast!  Then it's phone calls & out to the shop for some good cleaning, organizing, & laying out trophies.

Have a good week!