Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Little Roosters

Anybody out there need some little roosters to add to their flock???  I have 4 available; all black--2 fancy frizzles, & 2 regular--all bantams: little crows (more like sqwaks at the moment, lol)
In the pic; the black ones with the fat combs are the roos...  One of the frizzles has really pretty gold tips on his feathers: so cute!
They were all hatched this spring & are just starting to crow (squeak).  So funny to hear them try to crow like the older rooster; they try but so far, not even close, lol: their little voices are changing & all they can manage is a squeaky sqwak; hillarious!  
 Bantams are 1/2 (or less) the size of normal chickens---I had a mixed flock earlier this spring, but decided to go with all bantams & I'm so happy with the decision :)  They are much less destructive in the garden (my chickens free range all day), they don't wander near as far, & the rooster is not nearly as loud.
My full grown roo is the goldy-red one in the center of the pic above: I never had roosters until this year.  The full-sized roo we had was gorgeous, but huge!  He could dig up any plant in my little garden & was so loud when he crowed: also led the hens way too far on daily walkabouts.  When he started getting aggressive, we decided to let him go.  He & his harem of 4 full sized hens went to live with a lady that also lets her chickens free range: I'm sure they are happy there :)
If you let your chickens free range & have the space, I would totally recommend trying a roo in the mix; they watch for predators & will protect the flock, give the hens the best treats, & their crazy antics are a crack-up :)  Plus: you will have a self sustaining flock; the broody hens will sit on the eggs & hatch out cute little fuzz-balls each year!  We got 11 this spring; & will keep the hens & hopefully re-home 4 of the 5 roos :)  
The bantam sized roosters think they are 10 feet tall, but aren't nearly as intimidating as a full sized rooster.  At only about 6-8 inches tall, their presence is not much of a threat.  Although, my little gold roo does chase my cats, lol
 So: if you want to take home a pocket-rooster, let me know; I would let them go to a good home for free.  I might even be willing to sell a few of the young hens too; email me if interested :)  The small eggs are so cute!  The most charming deviled eggs ever....