Thursday, May 2, 2013

Little Lost Duckies

Last week, my mother showed up with a cardboard box that was peeping...
Apparently 2 tiny little ducklings were out in the street in front of her real estate office--lost & all alone.
 So; since I am already set up for ducks, they came to live with me :)  I had to keep them in the bathroom for the first week; they were tiny & it was cold at night.  They have since moved into the greenhouse & I let them out to wander & eat grass whenever I'm outside.
They follow me around wherever I go; running after me as fast as they can; so cute!
Duckies are such happy little creatures; I'm glad to have them around :)  
I don't know what kind they are; I assume mallards, but I guess we'll see in a few weeks when they start getting real feathers :)
The Boo-Cat is unimpressed...

In other farm news; I have 2 broody banties; they are  both sitting in the same nesting box on a huge pile of eggs, lol.  So, hopefully in a few weeks we will have more tiny fuzz balls running a-muck! 
I'll try to get a pic tomorrow :)

Happy Spring!