Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Chickens; the herd is growing...

About a month back, I noticed that Gray Chicken was broody; in the nest box all day sitting on a pile of eggs...  About a week later, White Chicken & Black Frizzly decided to join in the fun.
They decided to all sit in the same box, on a huge pile of eggs, lol :)  They squawked like pterodactyls anytime I got to close; puffing up their feathers like crazy birds.
Then, last week:
 I spied a tiny pair of legs & found one little puff-ball hatched out--OMG!  So cute :)

In a few days:
5 little puffballs!

And a few more days:
Everyone is out of the nest; 3 hens & 11 little puffballs running about digging up my garden; so adorable :)
They are all bantums (1/2 size chickens)--so tiny that they really do compare to cotton balls with legs, hehehe :)  

In the last few days, their little wing feathers are starting to develop; looks like at least 1/2 of them will be frizzles; their little feathers are already starting to curl.

They are so adorable & funny, I can watch them run around & scratch & flap their wings for hours :)
I'll keep them until we can tell who's a boy & who's a girl; will probably keep the hens & sell the little roos--contact me if you are interested in a little bantum frizzle roo :) 

Happy Spring!