Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Puzzle Piece Custom Trophy

A set of custom trophies made from aluminum puzzle pieces;  this is the beginning :)
Pieces cut by machine; soon to be polished  & colored...
 I picked up all the pieces (literally) & proceeded to polish & then color them...
Instead of Easter Eggs, I got to color puzzle pieces this year  : )  It was just as much fun, to be honest  ;)
 And after drying; all the pieces went together to make 2 trophies; pretty cool: I think :)  Lots of drilling & looking at the overall design; but I think it all came together to make a really cool design :)
The puzzle pieces are joined together to form the logo of the company who is presenting awards; lots of color & dimension; this set is probably the most unique trophy design to date (besides the NRA NASCAR Trophy)     I love the colors & the dimension of the individual puzzle pieces :)
I hope they like it too-the logo is a brain made up of puzzle pieces; do you see it???