Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Ultimate Frisbee Trophy

Just finished up tonight; a custom aluminum & copper trophy for the Memphis Ultimate Frisbee League :)
Lots of hardware & a polished finish; this is one of my favorite ever trophies!  I love how the sunburst pattern in the middle turned out.
It's big too; 19 inches tall, & the copper pieces on the base are thick & heavy; making the trophy quite substantial :)
Besides the base; this one was made up of a lot of little pieces that were bolted together; it was a pain to put together & get everything just right (I think I took it apart & put it back together at least 5 times).  But, I love the end result...
I hope they like it as much as I do!!

Now that I'm caught up on trophy commissions; it's turned into a wedding bouquet craze around here: all of a sudden I have a stack of big orders :)  I've been experimenting with some new techniques & colors; pics will be coming soon.