Sunday, March 10, 2013

Trophies, Chickens, & Jewelry

Well, that's a bit of a random title, lol :)  But, that's what the last week had been...
I shipped off a custom trophy for the Mayor of Chicago
A mix of metals & custom acrylic plaque; I think it turned out pretty cool; it stands about 14 inches tall & will be presented to the Mayor for sustainable city initiatives.

In the Refinerii Farm Division; we added 4 new bird-brains to the Thundering Horde.
All Banties (half sized chickens), & sooo cute!  While working in the shop today, I had the big door open, watching them exploring their new surroundings.  3 tiny hens & one tiny Roo; he is the smallest of them all, lol.   I already have 2 banties in the flock & I'm hoping to have some cute little bantam chicks later this spring.   There was an add on Craigslist for bantam hens & the address was right up the street, so I couldn't resist going for a quick look: of course, I only planned on 2, maybe 3...but we came home with 4!
And, I've been working on some new jewelry designs---looking at doing a show in April; more details to come :)
 The last few things I have made are very Goth...blood red & black & silver; kinda a departure from my normal look, but I'm having fun :)  

And for the week to come; it's bouquet week---last week was trophies, this week is wedding bouquets--all of a sudden I have quite a few big orders...and some very different requests ; )  I have a few drying out in the shop right now that I'm pretty excited about--more pics to come.

Crossing my fingers for warmer weather this week...