Sunday, March 3, 2013

Framed Awards

Last night we sent 132 trophies with the Framed crew on their way to Las Vegas.
The awards will be presented on March 12th at the Framed Awards to the best of the best in the photography business : )
There were 32 categories for awards, & we also made 100 nominee awards as well.
Cute, eh??  The nominee awards are about 5 inches tall--just a mini version of the larger award trophies :)
These were all made from aluminum, with a nice polished finish & clear acrylic plaques to finish them off.

It was a lot of trophies to clean & polish; my right hand is still sore from running the grinder for so many hours...but, I love they way they turned out.  And, the nice thing about making them all aluminum; I could actually pick up the box with all 32 trophies: usually with steel awards that would not happen ; )

The Framed Network produces a web series that highlights professional photographers & what they do; each episode offers a sneak peek into the inspiration, set up & technique behind a photo shoot.