Friday, March 1, 2013

Catching Up: Lots of Little Projects this week

It's been a busy week...busy working & building, not blogging :)
Lots of trophies this week: the above is for an Ultimate Frisbee League--I think it's going to be one of my best trophy designs ever!   We shall see when it's completely finished.
Also made one this week for the mayor of Chicago, & just shipped 2 to California: 5 year anniversary awards :)
Also, tomorrow will be finishing up a run of 132 awards for the Framed Network: omg!  They are very cool looking: pics to come...

And: I've been working on some new things:
polished aluminum coasters with transparent color: so much fun!  I came across a specialty automotive paint that is perfect for adding a nice color to the metal, while still letting the polish shine through :)
I couldn't resist trying some color on the aluminum bangle bracelets :)  I only had a few available & I'm sending them out to friends for testing of the durability of the color finish.  I have always shied away from adding any sort of finish to the metals I work with, so I want to make sure that this color will hold up over time before I put these out on my online shops for sale--- I would hate to sell something & then find out later that it didn't hold up.  

I must say, though: playing with the color has been a lot of fun: the possibilities are exciting!

It's been a long week & I'm looking forward to the weekend & a few down days.  Next week: visiting some new suppliers, presenting a proposal for a human-scale birdcage for a stage performer, & getting the first kitty-cat garden stakes cut :)

I can't wait!