Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Trucks for Girls

I was informed by a friend today that her husband was a bit envious of my big truck...
How funny is that?  I never really even think about it, but the truck is a bit of a beast :)

Since back in my high-school days, I always wanted a big truck--maybe it was all the rodeos & such that I went to, but ever since I was old enough to drive: all I wanted was a truck :)  

I had a few cars in my younger years, & that was fine: but secretly I couldn't wait for the day that I had my own truck--4WD, can tow trailers, throw stuff in the back, go anywhere, etc.

This old Ford that I drive now has been a great ride: it's been with me almost since I started the whole crazy-ness with welding/metal art, etc.  It's even recycled: a salvaged title: it was wrecked & then re-built: sure the passenger door doesn't close quite right, or the hood, but the price was right & it's really never let me down.  
Yes: I am a bit of a red-neck :)  I love my big truck.  And I really love the looks I get when I jump out of it on a construction site or scrap yard with my long, floofy hair, sparkly makeup & skirt and/or heels ;) 
Or even when I'm dressed for work in overalls & steel-toes, lol, & grab my black hard-hat, hehehehe (yes, it does have a few crystals)

 It really is possible to be a girly-girl, plus know how to work & drive a truck, & I love it!


PS: I wonder what he would think of the other (bigger) truck out back with the crane on it...