Thursday, January 10, 2013

Show & Tell---new trophy

The very first trophy of 2013--made for the Utah Valley Home Builders Association.  This is the 3rd (maybe even 4th) trophy I have made from them; they present one every year to the president of the association as a thank-you for a year of service to the organization.

This one is made up of a steel I-beam section, misc recyled hardware, & nails that are wired together for a nail-gun :)  The acrylic plaque adds the finishing touch; thanks to Ray at Rogue Design Syndicate.

Trophies have become a big part of my biz this last year & I'm thrilled: they are fun to make & I love being able to create something unique & special for keepsakes :)

In the works right now--a perpetual trophy for an ultimate Frisbee league, the Framed Awards, & designs for Fusion 2013.  Oh; & something grande for Carnevale, as well ; )

So far, 2013 is staring off busy & full of new opportunities; I'm hoping its a good sign of the year to come...