Wednesday, January 9, 2013

New Address

New Address will now by my little corner of the internet. 
Why the change?  Well, a few months back I made a big ooops: I thought my domain hosting was set to auto-renew, but it wasn't...  I got some emails right before it happened & was busy & didn't bother to open them, thinking it was just promotional stuff, as usual.  Well: within an hour of my .com expiring, someone in Japan had scooped it up & had a site up already---it's blue with a bird photo & a bunch of Japanese characters.   Since then, I have been getting a ton of emails in Japanese--I assume these are offers to buy back my domain at an inflated price. 

And, I owned, .net, .biz, etc... A few of them, I let go, because I didn't want to continue to pay for them.  Funny thing; as soon as they started expiring, I got a bunch of offers to sell them back to me; from anywhere between $500-$2000.  AND: some were offers for the domains that I did renew; I got a couple emails stating that someone had bought out the .org & .net: which I had renewed already: & they tried to "sell" them back to me.

Lesson learned: stay on top of your domains & internet stuffs... Fortunately, I had not invested a bunch of money in SEOs, etc: so I can start over without too much harm.  But it is annoying that the traffic I did build up over the last few years at .com will go to some site in Japanese that probably isn't even real.

New year, new beginnings... :)
Lots of new changes coming in 2013; this is just the beginning.
Cheers!  To new adventures, new projects, & new beginnings!