Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Cute metal trees :)

I just wanted to share the first pics of the new aluminum trees--so cute!
We just got them polished up tonight, & I couldn't wait to test out the glass candle holders: that hang off the branches perfectly!   This little grove of trees will make it's debut at the Boise Centre this weekend for a corporate event that I'm helping coordinate.  A lucky winner will get to go home with one :)
Each tree will be a table centerpiece & will have 3-4 of the hanging glass candle holders :)
I love the way the aluminum reflects the candle light: so pretty!  I think these would look amazing in the garden too--I'm hoping to build some larger versions soon to be available on my etsy shop.  

I'm also creating other centerpieces: for over 40 tables! OMG: my little shop & apartment is full of glitter, feathers, masks, & other party stuffs.  Event planning is not something I had ever thought I would get into, but when this company contacted me, I couldn't help but say yes : )  I got to build some pieces that have been on the back-burner for awhile now, & work with some of the amazing performers & artists from Carnevale 2012, along with some new faces.  It should be quite the party: looking forward to seeing everything come together.  More pics to come...