Tuesday, January 1, 2013

2013 day 1

I'm looking forward to new adventures this year.  And a bit glad to close the book on 2012: there were lots of great things I got to be a part of & cool projects---RAW, an article in MaryJane's Farm MagazineBoise Fashion Week, a NASCAR trophy, being chosen for the Boise World Trade Center Memorial project, Carnevale 2012, the opening of Kleiner Park, and more.. But, there were a lot of mistakes & misses too: loosing refinerii.com, missed deadlines, costly miscommunications that lead to do-overs & wasted materials & time, wind turbine failures, last minute deliveries, & much more...

Last night, we celebrated the new year with a bonfire party at the Refinerii shop; we torched the Christmas trees, & enjoyed good company, food & drinks---it was a last minute throw-it-together thing, but I think it might just turn into a new tradition :)
It was the perfect end to the holiday madness & I must say: I had a much better time under the stars than fighting the crowds downtown. It was cold, but toasty warm next to the fire & nice & warm in the shop where we turned the work tables into the buffet/bar & everyone gathered around the shop stove :)

Already on the books for this year; planning/decor for a corporate event--not something I have ever even thought about, but the opportunity came up & I said yes :)  -- designing a trophy for an Ultimate Frisbee League -- fabrication & install of the WTC Memorial -- Carnevale 2013: June 15th this year: mark you calendars ; ) -- new designs, new ideas, etc

A few of my resolutions include:
 getting back into my routine of working out 
figure out how to get/stay organized
create something every day
get the chicken run fenced before the thundering horde can destroy all my plants this spring
check my phone messages more than once a week....
and a few others ; )

Hope your holidays were happy & best wishes for 2013!