Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Boise Fashion Week Pics

just wanted to share s'more pics from Boise Fashion Week.
from the Bourgeois Chic show on Thursday night :) Still loving those big battle axes...& the model: yep, that's my sweet-heart up there ; )
--photo by me (that's why it's blurry, lol--I'm not great at low light-working on it...)

One of my fav. necklaces made just for this collection :)  Copper with glass & matching copper earrings.  Photo by: AmmoPhotog

Necklace & earring set made from recycled aluminum, brass, & copper hardware & spent plasma torch parts, with purple crystal accents :)  Photo by the amazing Craig Lamere of Moz Courture
One of the looks for the Saturday night show; aluminum cuffs & earrings & necklace; love the asymmetry of the necklace :) Photo: Laurie Anne's Creattions

Another aluminum cuff with aluminum spikes necklace & earrings accented in red crystals :)  Photo by Nena Earl

More cuffs with aluminum necklace & tiara: clear icy snowflake crystals for accents :)  Photo by Aubry Brower

The icy set again for the Saturday night show :)  

And the fabulous "Queen Nena" & hubby with one of my fav necklace creations :)  Nena designed all the clothing & put together the whole Bourgeois Chic show :)

Looking forward to the next one; I already have some wild ideas for new crazy accessories.
Thanks to everyone who came out to see the shows & big thanks to Nena & the team for letting me join in the fun!


Friday, July 27, 2012

Boise Fashion Week--Bourgeois Chic Show ; )

Last night was the kick-off of Boise Fashion Week & my jewelry was seen walking the runway as part of the Bourgeois Chic show :)
The giant battle-axes also made another appearance; setting the stage for the models ; )
The ax-carry-ing fitness models made quite the impression :)
I think the show was a success; it definitely was fun & different :)
Afterwards, we all  headed to another location for a midnight photo-shoot with the fabulous Craig Lamere...
check out the sneak peek shot (more to come)
Wow! It was really fun to watch him work :)  Amazing shots!  Can't wait to see the rest :)
Bourgeois Chic will be showing again at Fashion Week tomorrow night (Saturday)-so if you missed the first one, come join us & see the looks :)  There will be 2 other shows as well; tickets availble at:

Hope to see you there :)


Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Carnevale--Artist Applications close on Friday

Artists applications for Carnevale close this Friday--pass the word if you know any artist friends.  No fee to apply, there will be a booth fee to hold your space, but no commissions on sales.
Applications available at 

This is going to be a fun event; last year over 500 guests came out to enjoy the performances, shop the artist booths, taste the gourmet food & drinks, & have a great time.  Come help us make it even bigger this year :) 

Please contact me with any questions :)


Monday, July 23, 2012

July Sunset

Sunset at the little shop....  Today was sooo nice! Much cooler temps: great for working--I spent most of the day in the shop working on the new collection & some more trophies to be delivered this week.
I'm so grateful for my quirky little home & workspace :)  It's tiny & weird, but perfect!
Hoping for another productive day tomorrow; this week I have a trophy order to finish up, wedding bouquets to make, & jewelry to get ready for Fashion Week this weekend--plus I'm so excited to put together some of the new pieces that I'm working on for Art in the Park & RAW--sneak peeks to come...
Happy Monday


Sunday, July 22, 2012

I am Fusion Awards

whew!  Delivered the finished awards to the Egyptian Theater in downtown Boise a few hours before the big event...Boise's first annual I am Fusion Awards; presented by Fusion Magazine & Boise Premier Real Estate
Made from steel, copper & aluminum; these are my favorite trophies to date :)    Thanks so much to Trademark Signs for the awesome plaques; the perfect finishing touch...
There were 37 trophies total: categories from best bartender to best new business....
The awards were presented -Grammy's Style- in downtown Boise: red carpet & everything :)  It was so much fun to see everyone all dressed up for the evening!
My shoes for the evening; with black & white with lots of silver sparkle & knee-high -spatterdash- socks :)  too much fun!
   One of the awards being presented :)  
Congrats Tiffany Cook; top female model :)  
The Egyptian Theater is amazing; my first time there...  
Congrats Nena Earl for winning best Fashion Designer---can't wait for the Bourgeois Chic show this next weekend at Boise Fashion Week.  (featuring Refinerii jewelry & accessories)
Congrats to all the award winners & thanks so much to Brian & Jessica at Fusion Mag for such a great event; looking forward to next year!


Saturday, July 21, 2012

Chicken Antics...

The chickens decided to come visit; through the open window...Normally, they stand outside the front door & look in; begging for treats & tap on the glass with their beaks :)

I've been meaning to do a chicken post for some time now: just been busy with events; Fusion this weekend, Boise Fashion Week next, then onto the RAW show in August, & Art in the Park & Carnevale in September...omg!

Anyway, we have 6 chickens on bug patrol, along with 2 ducks & just added in 2 little baby ducks: still yellow fuzzballs right now, but they will be big enough to join in the fun within a few weeks :)  
The herd of birds is quite entertaining; they roam around the property, make pests of themselves on the neighbor's patio, get chased out of the garden, eat some of my plants, & have started trying to lay eggs in the shop when I'm out there in the morning with the doors open: they seem to like my storage boxes, lol :)

2 banties & 4 big hens; on average 3 eggs a day now: they just started laying about a week & a half ago....and of course, they all like the same next box, so there has been some chicken-drama the last couple mornings...I might have to try the wooden-egg trick....

More pics to come; will try to get some good ones this weekend :)

Tomorrow night is the Fusion Awards; I'm still putting the final touches on the trophies: can't wait to see everyone all dressed up for the evening :)

Happy weekend!


Saturday, July 14, 2012

'I am Fusion' Awards Sneak Peek :)

38 trophies in all; a lot of little metal pieces to clean up, polish, & put together...  Hoping that I get to keep one; as I am nominated for best artist (still can't believe it :) 

The award-trophies for the Fusion Awards are coming along: loving these trophies!!   Voting ended today & Monday I'll be sending out the winner's names for the custom plaques :)
The trophies have a steel I-beam base, with copper, aluminum, & steel accents.  There will be custom acrylic plaques to add a bit of shimmer: they will go over the copper disc: listing the category & award recipient.    TradeMark Signs will be creating these next week, as soon as we get the list of winners :)
The awards will be presented next Saturday at the Egyptian Theater in downtown Boise.  Get your tix & all the details here: http://fusion-mag.com/iamfusion/
Hope to see you there :)
 More updates to come this week as the trophies are finished up; & the "making of" video soon too! 
Congrats to all who were nominated: I hope the winners will like the trophies ; )


Thursday, July 12, 2012

Featured on Style Spy Girl!!

StyleSpyGirl just published a feature on the RAWartists Show in June; with some great shots of my jewelry, the battle-axes from the runway show & more :)  

Summer is Hot, but RAW is HOTTER!!!

With photos by Alysha Kautz
Have you heard about the latest arts & entertainment event to hit this town? If you haven’t been to a RAWartists show yet, you definitely have to check it out! If you HAVE been to one, then you know how unforgettably entertaining they are, and have already bought your tickets for the next one! ;)
It’s only $10 per ticket, for an amazing night of art, music, fashion, and fun, and you get to specify which artist your dollars support!
What is RAW? According to their website, RAWartists’ mission is “to provide independent artists within the first 10 years of their career with the tools, resources and exposure needed to inspire and cultivate creativity.”

This is happening all over the country, with live, incredible shows every month! It’s a dream come true for new & emerging artists of all genres; it gives them the opportunity to showcase their talent in a fun, party atmosphere, surrounded by their friends, the artistic community, and hundreds of appreciative fans!
Oh, and did I mention how FUN it is??? A night of inspiration, artistic expression, and partying with tons of cool people, all for less than the cost of a movie ticket – AMAZING!!!  read the full article here

Great article; thanks so much for including me :)


Wednesday, July 11, 2012

New Hair Accessories: coming soon :)

I made these hair clips for the the Bourgeois Chic Fashion Show a couple weeks ago: love them!  I just wanted to share: I'll be working on more designs to list on the shop soon :)
Salvaged copper wire that was pounded into shape with a hammer (good for taking out your frustrations ;) and old key, & feather accents.  The key & copper are soldered to the large silver hair clip.
this is the back of one : )  Perfect for an up-do or just clipped into long hair...
Another; with big, long pheasant feathers; too much fun!
And, I couldn't resist adding some sparkling crystals to this one... :)

These will be seen on the runway at Boise Fashion Week--details coming soon.  Also to be seen: copper tiaras, more feathers, & some new big necklaces: will post pics soon!

Look for all these soon on my Etsy shop; and see the in person at upcoming events: check the events page for the list: it's going to be a busy summer!!


Tuesday, July 10, 2012

New Colored Metal Wedding Bouquets

Just back from the powder-coater: alternative bouquets in color!
This was a special request from a bride; she wanted blue & black with silver accents, so I took out 5 plain aluminum bouquets & told the powder-coat guys to experiment: they gave me 3 options for the blue/black & then got creative with the others :)  
Of course they would do a BSU themed color scheme, lol :)  
This is my fav of the silver/blue/black colors :)
I was so impressed: they even added an overlay of metal-flake (aka sparkles) for the finishing touch :)
To be honest; I was pretty hesitant to get into colors: as I prefer the look of the real metal, but I must admit; the color options are a lot of fun.  And I'm comfortable with the powder-coat finish as it's super durable: not going to flake off or fade like a spraypaint would: I know the colors will last for years & years :)
I'll definitely be offering the option from now on; would love to see a candy-apple red, or lime green/turquoise!!

Just wanted to share :)  These are available on my Etsy shop; click the shop page above to see :)


Saturday, July 7, 2012

Carnevale--Artist Applications Open: join in the fun!

Carnevale is coming back to the garden this September; I'm sooo excited!  Last year was a huge success; over 500 people came to see the performances, nibble on gourmet treats, shop the artist booths & have a great time.

Artist applications just opened: we are on the hunt for the very best performers, visual artists, photographers, & other creatives to join in the fun.  Looking for face painters & fortune tellers/palm readers & fire dancers too; if you have something fun & creative to offer, please apply or contact me directly with questions, ideas, etc :)  Also, looking for local Wineries/Breweries to come out to the garden for the evening, along with food vendors, photographers, & more: this evening is really about celebrating creativity & diversity: so if you have an idea; let us know :)

Artist applications are up on the Boise City Dept of Arts & History Site:

Facebook Event Page:

This is going to be a fun event; we have some new ideas lined up for this year: so excited...  A few hints;
there will be a fashion show, there will be fantasy mini-makeovers for hair & makeup & then a mini-photo shoot in the garden, temporary tattoo booth, mask-making station, costume contest with custom awards created by yours truly ; ),  photo booth, valet parking, & performances throughout the evening....

More details to come :)

Artist applications close on the 27th of this month...
Please feel free to contact me with any questions :)


Thursday, July 5, 2012


OMG; just found out that somehow I got nominated for the IAF Awards: best local artist.   Not sure how this happened, as I didn't promote it much, besides telling my Facebook peeps that I am making the trophies...  Thanks so much to whoever put my name forward in the nominations: I am sooooo surprised & excited : )   Maybe I will get to keep one of the trophies I am making for this, lol : )
To vote for you fav local artist, bartender, model, business, etc; follow the link below & click on Start Voting: you will have to enter your name & email & then will be able to vote on all the different categories: most have 3 or 4 nominees....

The awards ceremony will be on July 21st at the Egyptian in downtown Boise: it's going to be a fun event, with performances, local talent, film & more.   There will even be a short video of the making of the Fusion Awards; featuring yours truly : )  Filming early next week: I'm kind-of nervous...

Tickets are available through the Fusion Awards site: hope to see you there : )
Thanks again to all who nominated me: I still can't quite believe it!
Also, a bunch of the Bourgeois Chic crew were nominated including Nena Earl (fashion designer), Aubrey Brower (photographer),  Tiffany Cook-female model, Jonathan Smith--fitness trainer, Aaron Minegar---male fitness model : )  (I hope I'm not forgetting anyone--if so, let me know)

Cutting trophy parts next week; to assemble soon: thanks so much to Trademark Signs for getting on board to help out with the finishing touches : )   Check back for progress pics...