Thursday, December 20, 2012

Another Digi-Creation Show & Tell :)

I've been enjoying playing around with PhotoShop lately, as you may have noticed ; )
This one started as an option for a event invitation; it's not going to be used for that, but I couldn't help playing around with it a bit more for a new background for my Ipad...
Original photo by: Elizabeth of 2 Bird Studio.  Models: Josh K. & Chanel  (of the Trey McIntyre Project)

I really don't know what I'm doing with photoshop & it takes me forever to make stuff, but I love it!  Playing around with color & images & effects is so much fun--someday maybe I'll take a class to get a bit faster at it, lol :)  Maybe tomorrow night I'll make a holiday card.....hmmmmm...

Tomorrow is the end of the world...perhaps.   I'm not too worried, but looking forward to my little bro flying in from Japan to spend the holidays here.  And, we are hosting J's sister & bf this weekend too; they get the first stay in the improved (but not new) camper/aka guest house :)  I have the mini-bar stocked, snacks ready, & fresh linens ready for them; hope they have a sense of humor about cats & chickens wanting to visit, lol :) 

Happy Holidays.