Saturday, December 8, 2012

AGC Trophies-done & delivered :)

Another set of trophies delivered for the AGC end of year awards--I think this is the 5th set I've made for this event  : )
This year's trophies have nails, drill bits, hardware, & steel I-beams with sparkly acrylic plaques: thanks to Ray at Rogue Design Syndicate.  I love the little details he always puts into the designs :)
We delivered them Friday to the Stueckle Sky Center at BSU where the convention was being held; way cool!  That's the first time I've been in it; amazing views of the stadium obviously, but also of downtown Boise :)   The trophies were handed out that night at Gala.

This week, I'm finishing up more custom awards; a set for Hansen Rice Construction & 1 for the Utah Valley Home-builders Association; both repeat clients.  Making trophies is fun; they really are mini sculptures & I get to play around with the design every year; I always just use materials that I have gathered from the scrap yards or that I have on hand.  Even if the same person wins one of my trophies 2 years in a row, they get 2 completely unique designs.

Also, working on some new stuffs for my Etsy shop & some cool costume accessories for an Apocalypse party we are going to over the holidays, hehehe :)  Should be a busy next week; stay tuned for updates!