Wednesday, November 7, 2012

World Trade Center Memorial project: it begins...

Today, I picked up the beam that came from ground zero; a piece of history that will become part of Boise's World Trade Center Memorial.
It's a bit surreal to have it on my truck; just outside my window right now.  The beam was part of the structure of the World Trade Center & was recovered from the wreckage.  I'll be taking it out to the fabrication shop in the next few days.  It will become the centerpiece for a new courtyard/park that will be built near the Fallen Firefighter's Memorial--located along the greenbelt on Riverside Drive.

The beam will be captured in rings of polished stainless steel & left the way it is now; damaged & broken & dented.  The rings represent ripples in water; & that theme is carried out in the design of the courtyard.

I am working with Jensen-Belts Landscape Architecture, & Lochsa Engineering on this project.  I am grateful to be working with such a passionate & talented team.  I feel very honored to have been chosen for this project--it truly is a piece of history...

I remember that morning vividly; I was a Flight Attendant for Horizon Air, at the time; based in Seattle.
I was scheduled to check in at 9am at the airport; woke up early, as usual; & turned on the TV; & caught a few initial reports of what was happening...called Crew Scheduling; just got a busy signal, so decided to just go to the airport anyway---it was walking distance, & I figured that I could get a better report of what was happening there...   As I walked up to the lower check-in stations of the airport: it was obvious things were chaotic---there was a long line of cars waiting, way too many people milling about, & the atmosphere was very tense; frightened & desperate; no one was talking; everyone was watching the TV monitors--I was scared...   I made my way through Security & then down to the Crew check-in/break rooms; it was the same; everyone was watching the TV's & I did the same; we watched in horror as the 2nd building was hit, & tried to make sense of all the reports coming in....   It was still unclear at this point, but the airport was shut down, & we were all told to evacuate...  I spent the next few days with a very generous friend who happened to live in Seattle (at the time, I lived in Lewiston, ID, & just commuted in for flight assignments) We watched in horror as planes crashed into buildings, & the Pentagon: & waited to hear if anyone we knew was on those flights---my Best Friends & my Mother were working for the major airlines at that time & I was so scared!!

It turned out that everyone I knew was OK: all stuck in some city, as I was: waiting for flights to be opened up again. 

The friend I stayed with for 5 days had a lovely home & family---we put up a tall flagpole together; set it in concrete in the front yard: it was just a small way of showing our support for our country & those who were lost or suffering as a result of the  9/11 attacks.  I still remember the emotions of that day & that week--& I will never forget....

I'll post more photos as the project moves forward---installation will be sometime in the spring.