Sunday, November 18, 2012

the "Silver Palace"

About 2 weeks ago, we drug the "Silver Palace" off the hill....  the Hilton on the Hill is no more... :)
--if you are wondering: my family has a cabin that we built together from the ground, up in Idaho City; the "silver palace" was a nice addition for the construction phase, that is now over & the "palace" will be coming to my place for a makeover after Thanksgiving...
Really; it's a cute little camper; old, yes; but with  potential.  I am looking forward to working on it this winter; I want to give it a "glamping" makeover:

We are planning Thanksgiving at the cabin this year: & I'm so excited about it!  No TV, no internet, no cell phones; just good friends & family & wood fires (& ATVs)'s going to be fun!
I am planning an egg/scavenger hunt; for both adults & kids; the pics will be fun; thats all I can say :)
Looking forward to a non-traditional holiday this year: we'll see how it goes, lol :)

It sure beats Black Friday... ; )