Saturday, November 17, 2012

Still RAW, but not so much...

Well: the RAWards Boise show was pretty amazing; I got an overwhelming number of votes & met lots of really cool people; even got a commission or 2 out of the night.  In the end, I didn't win; but came in 2nd: ahhhh; so bittersweet to be first runner up....alas, I have been here many times before.
Honestly, I really am disappointed; I wanted to get my work in front of the national judges & have the chance at the amazing national prizes.   But, that's the way these things go; I am still really glad I did the RAW shows & will consider trying again next year :)  

For now: we are on to designing some new fun stuff to add into the line, & some personalized Holiday gifts--pics coming soon...  And: Thanksgiving at the cabin this year: should be lots of fun!  I am organizing a turkey egg hunt; one for kids & one for adults, hehehehehe ; )  And, afterwards, I'm bringing the little camper aka the "silver palace" back to my place for a makeover; glamping style!  More to come---