Tuesday, November 6, 2012

RAWards Boise: next Thursday

Thanks so much to all who voted for me: I am competing against 5 other amazing visual artists for a chance at the national RAW competition. (OMG)

The Boise RAWards show is next Thursday at the Revolution Concert House in Garden City; tickets are $15 online or $20 at the door; purchase online at:

Everyone who comes to the show will be able to vote for their favorites in Fashion, Make Up, Hair, Accessories, Film, Music, & Visual Arts.  Public votes will count towards 50% of the total score for each artist; the other 50% will be based on the professional judges. 

Eek!  I am so nervous & excited about this!
Working on my display; it will be sculptural & will hold my I-pad for a slide-show, business cards, lights & my stats sheets; we only get a 4x4' space; so I have to get really creative to display my best work :)

I hope you can make it to the show; there will be food, drinks, art, fashion shows, live music, performance art, & lots more.  All the winners in each category will be announced live that night; each vote counts!!

Hope to see you there :)
Thanks so much again to all who voted for me & got me this far; crossing my fingers to make it to the next level; would love to represent Boise at the national level--omg; I feel so weird saying that; not sure I'm good enough, but will do my best!