Friday, November 2, 2012

New Work now Available on my Etsy shop :)

A few new offerings in the shop...
I'll be adding in more in the coming weeks; all can be customized & shipped anywhere :)

The Bio-Hazard; all bling-ed out with copper & polished aluminum.  17 inches in diameter & constructed with nuts, bolts, & spacers for a 3 dimensional effect.
The perfect apocalypse accent for your decor; hang inside or out; looks great in the shop, on a fence, on a building, etc: I have one on the chicken coup :)  One of my fav. recent creations ; )

"Twilight" (mini edition)  This one is only about 13 inches tall; very tiny for me! But, so cute; I love it; it's hanging in my tiny living room at the moment.  Steel, copper, & polished aluminum

"Meteor" (mini)   Another small version of a larger original design--this one is about 20" at the widest point.  Steel, copper, brass, & polished aluminum.

And, the Nuclear with bling :)  Also 17 inches in diameter made from steel, copper, & polished aluminum.

More to come; I have a stack of little pieces out in the shop to put together :)

These are all available on my Etsy shop at 

Happy Friday!