Monday, November 26, 2012

New Project; New Pinterest Board :)

OMG: I can't believe how excited I am to have the little camper; aka the 'Hilton on the Hill' here at my place!
I have been looking over the Pinterest boards for camper makeover inspiration: even started a new board:

Right before Thanksgiving, we drug it off the hill & parked in at the bottom in front of the family cabin in Idaho City.  Then, this weekend, we all met up at the cabin for Thanksgiving: cooked the turkey in the wood fired oven & everything-it was great :)  Afterwards, I hooked onto the little camper & hauled it home...with only one minor delay due to a flat tire: we were 5 miles from home too,  ; )  

I parked it between 2 pine trees, next to a storage shed; & I'm making plans for an overhaul: glamping style!
Not familiar with glamping???  Think camping; but glamorous....check out the original Glamping Girl's guide at:

Every time I see it out there, I can't help but plan & scheme....a new paint job, a few updates to the interior (it's in amazingly good condition), a crystal chandelier, a little deck out front, and finally my chance to put in an outdoor bathtub; complete with pool-house!

More to come... got to make a trip to Home Depot to get a new plug-in for the extension cord; the original was just too far gone & fell apart when I tried to plug it in...hopefully I'll be able to find a replacement easy enough; that seems to be all that is wrong with it right now... & we have guests coming for Christmas; the camper is going to be the spare bedroom/bed & breakfast :)  

Stay tuned: I'll let you know how the wiring goes: I think I can do this one myself: but if all else fails; will call in Marcella; superwoman/electrician/ handywoman  plus BFF ; )

Hope everyone had a lovely Thanksgiving.  I so much enjoyed being up in the mountains away from all the black friday rush, etc.  We cooked the turkey in a very old wood-burning stove, along with stuffing, taters, & the works--& enjoyed paper plates, campfire, the stars, & good company.

More soon...

aka: Fuzz