Friday, November 9, 2012

Idaho Botanical Garden; a visit to some of my creatons...

This week, on the last warm & sunny day this fall, we took a walk through the Idaho Botanical Garden to visit some of my creations...  The fall colors were beautiful, & it was warm & sunny: perfectly beautiful for a walk through the garden....    
The Machine is looking great; the grasses have grown up around the base & look amazing! At 15 feet tall; this sculpture stands watch at the upper end of the garden :)
 Plates & Shadows keeps watch below; located near the garden cottage & herb garden.
And Suspended Gear is looking happy among the fall colors ; )

I decided to donate all three pieces to the Garden in 2011 & I'm so happy with how they look--it's so nice to know that lot's of people get to see & enjoy them :)

As we walked through the Garden, we had to stop & visit the fish in the childeren's garden...
They are so huge! & colorful & pretty!

And, we checked out the progress on the Tree House; just being built now.  OMG: it's going to be such a fun addition to the garden & I love the concept sketch---I'm thinking I need to get involved with this one ; )
I could see doing the railings; with some colorful copper, stainless, etc & maybe the flag-poles on the roof; oooh: would love to see the top as a kinetic wind-spinner!
So much fun!

I'm so glad we spent the afternoon enjoying the sunshine; today it snowed & I think winter has arrived...although, I am looking forward to seeing the Garden all lit up for the Holidays :)


PS: I am doing another project out at the Garden that I'm really excited about, but I'll save that announcement for another post....stay tuned :)