Monday, November 12, 2012

Duck Eggs :)

Aaaand; on a different note....
I have duck eggs for sale :)
At the moment, I have 2 duckies & 7 chickens that free-range the property; eating bugs & attempting to eat all my kale... the duck eggs are starting to stack up: I prefer the chicken eggs for breakfast & don't do much baking (not surprising, as I have no oven ;)
Duck eggs are very comparable to chicken eggs--but they are larger & definitely less runny; & the shells are much harder :)  Lots of people swear by duck eggs for baking & some prefer the taste over chicken eggs.
Here is a link to a good article comparing duck to chicken eggs:

These are my duckies; begging for treats at the front door; they're so cute!!  Right now, I have a male runner-duck (the taller) & a female of unknown variety...  She is slightly crippled; walks with quite the gimp, but gets around just fine: & she lays an egg almost every day--big bluish green eggs.  
I want to add in at least 3 more runners in the spring; all hens--so I'm really going to have lots of eggs next fall, lol : )

I love having the ducks around; they're so funny!  And less destructive in the garden than the chickens; they eat bugs & weeds & don't dig things up: although they did like to nibble on my baby sunflower plants...
They spend their days wandering about our property, & visiting the neighbor's horse pasture next door; splashing in their little pool & tapping on the glass door : )  They get rations of organic feed & treats of seeds & berries & grapes.
If you are interested in trying out duck eggs; let me know: I'm offering them for $4 per half dozen.  I would be happy to meet up with you to deliver them in the Boise area--or if you are in S. Boise, you can come pick them up :)  Call or txt me at 861-7515 or email me at  My cell coverage is really spotty out here; so leave a message & I'll get back to you :)