Monday, October 15, 2012

Open Studio Tour

Thanks so  much to everyone who stopped in for Open Studios Weekend; I had a great time chatting about the creative process, projects, new work, chickens, & the shop/apartment make-over :)
It was so fun to tour everyone around my little world :)
Honestly; I was a bit nervous about what everyone would think: I live in my shop, have tons of junk & metal laying about for future projects, a few trucks, grandpa's old cars, chickens & ducks running a-muck, & lots of un-finished projects here & there...
But, everyone seemed to like the place, junk & critters & all :)

I did get quite a few inquiries about metal-working lessons; it's kind-of amazing to me, really: I never thought I would consider lessons, but everyone who has asked has been so nice & I think it could be really fun :)
Sooo, I am putting together some options: for those interested---if you are; please contact me directly by email or txt (my cell service is terrible out here)  I am thinking of one-on-one, low key, hands-on projects.  
I'll post more later when I have things a bit more clear :)

 Anyway: I had a great time with Open Studio weekend; & will definately be on the tour next year.  If you want to come see the space--just message me or txt & we can set up a time :)

Off to McCall tomorrow to deliver some new pieces to the ArtiZen Gallery---looking forward to the pretty fall colors...& we might even stop in at Gold-Fork Hot Springs on the way ;)
Loving the fall weather & color! It's my absolute favorite time of year----and my b-day is coming up--I'm seeing an annual clothes shopping trip in my near future: a ritual with my mom: her birthday is 7 days after mine & the shopping trip has become our tradition :)  I need some new boots, & girly skirts, & carharts, lol ;)

Happy Autumn!  Thanks again to everyone who came out to the studio this weekend :)