Saturday, October 20, 2012

Another proposal for public art :)

Yesterday I turned in a proposal for new public art in Meridian :)  
Truth be told: I was racing to City Hall at the last minute; with paint on my hands & dirt on my face--yikes--just barely made it in time!  And being rushed; there are a few details that I didn't have time to address; not overly happy with myself about that, but it's in & done & can't worry about it now.  I vowed yesterday to not procrastinate on the next one: we'll see how that goes, lol ;)

the proposal is for 2 big sculptures along Meridian's main street; one near the railroad crossing & City Hall & one at the corner of Main & Fairview.  Both will be in the triangle area made by a merging turn lane.
This one; called "Curve" is the larger of the 2; larger triangle & also will have pedestrian access.  It's all about circles & patterns; recycling, traffic patterns, community, etc. Materials will be raw steel, polished stainless steel, copper, & brushed aluminum for the structural pipes that surround each shape.  About 18 feet tall in the center; I am proposing to have the sidewalk pass under the middle of the piece :)  Also, I proposed to add a strip of solar film to the surface of the middle piece; to power batteries that would illuminate the piece at night: colored lights that would shine on the polished stainless; changing colors from blue to pink, purple, green, etc---a different look every time you drive by :)

The companion piece is called "Shift"; representing change--in direction, consciousness, action, etc.
The triangle area is smaller for this one & there is no pedestrian access; so it would just be viewed by passing cars.  Same shapes & materials put together in a different way: & this one would have the solar & lights as well.

I'm really crossing my fingers on this one; I'm up against 2 other artist proposals: we will find out who wins the project in mid-November.

Even though I think my proposal could have been a lot better; overall the presentation is nice & the ideas for the artwork are good (as I see it ;)  So, we'll see what happens.

All three proposals will be on display next week in City Hall: stop in to vote for you favorite & give your comments on the designs.