Saturday, September 22, 2012

Catching up...& chicken pics :)

The truck & trailer are in the same spot since we pulled in late Friday night after Carnevale...I've had a whole week to catch up, & still feel like I'm behind, lol :)   I did finally get all the stuff out of the trailer; maybe I'll unhook it tomorrow ; )
The chicken Horde (we renamed them the thundering horde, instead of the herd--it's more fitting...) were on the move this afternoon: providing lots of "help" with their chicken antics...Rooster was very vocal today, for some reason--maybe it's the smoke...btw; that grey sky; not clouds--it's been smoky for the last 4 days from forest fires.  Very surreal to see a bright pink sun in the morning & filtered grey light all day long...
Anyway; in between catching up on my online orders, deliveries, & cleaning up from events, I did get one project done that's been waiting all summer: a make-over on one of the storage sheds :)
I used the wood from my display at Art in the Park to cover the front surface for a photo backdrop :)  It looks so good!  Tonight I tested it out & love the warm tones for photos --I'll share those soon--
I couldn't resist adding one of my steel bio-hazards to the door, heehehe :)
It's been nice to catch up on some projects around the shop: I thought I was going to have a bit of a slow-down this fall, but it's not turning out that way, lol :)

I signed up for Art in the Bar for October 6th, then the Boise Open Studio Tour on the 15th & 16th.  And, I just found out that I'm a finalist for the Meridian Split Corridor Art project: will be putting together a proposal for 2 pieces of monumental-scale sculpture.   AND....the World Trade Center Memorial Boise project is moving forward again: after a few setbacks, looks like we could be starting work on it next week :)
oh well: busy is good, right??

Next week; look for event announcements for Oct, pics of the new collection, & more chicken antics...

oooh; and check out Mary Jane's Farm Magazine---there is a little feature about me-self & my work in the latest issue!!