Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Carnevale 2012-Thanks so much!

Now that the dust has settled, I wanted to share some of my favorite  moments from Carnevale 2012 :)
I don't even know where to start: I've typed & deleted & typed again to delete again about 5 times now, lol.  It's so hard describe such a unique event: thank goodness for all the great photos; hopefully they will do the talking for me :)

 It truly was an enchanted evening in the garden; there were amazing costumes, performances, food, drink, art, music & magic...   we had around 500 show up to join in the fun :)
The sun was starting to go down just as guests started to arrive & the weather was perfect!
 Soon, the garden was overrun with masks, feathers, stilt-walkers, & party-guests :)

Food & drink was enjoyed, along with browsing of the local art & admiring the costumes & masks...and lining up for a reading with the very popular Fortune Tellers :)

The first show of the evening was the Bourgeois Chic Fashion show presented by the amazing "Queen Nena"-Nena Earl.  Omg-her team did such an amazing job with the hair & makeup; not to mention the awesome carnival inspired clothes!
Don't they look amazing!?
Love this shot with the Old Pen in the background :)

After a short intermission, the crowd was gathered out in the grass around a huge crane for the next performance set....   I called in a favor to my fav. crane guys :)
 The sun was setting, & just as it was getting dark:
We were treated to areal acrobatics by the Red Light Variety Show--silk dancing from the crane boom: so cool!
The crane was also used for a stage for another set of performances...
btw: do you know anyone else who decides to throw a party & insists on having a big crane there???  Call me crazy; but I loved it!

As it got dark, there were more & more guests & more performances throughout the evening

In between performances: guests strutted their stuff on the runway in the Costume Contest; prizes were awarded for best top-hat, best mask, & best costume
Our Top-Hat Winner with me & my trophy creation :) 

And for the final performance of the night: we had fire!
sooo cool!
 It was the perfect end to the evening...  As the music faded & the fires went dark, guests filtered out with---with smiles & happy chatter about the art, performances & costumes...

  This is my fav pic of the evening: me, my Mom, & my sweet-heart: with my display in the background :)

Thanks so much to everyone who got involved & helped to make Carnevale happen.

Photos by:

Huge thanks to:
Rose & the Fire Dancers
the Stilt Walkers 
Fortune Tellers: Midge Woods, Lydia Farley, & Sandy Post


Special thanks to:
Mika Belle of the Boise Weekly
for the blog & pics

Very special thanks to:
Josh (& Matt)
 for all the help loading & setting up & tearing down & chatting with guests;
 could not have done it without you ; )

and everyone who came out to enjoy the event :)
Hope to see you in 2013!

 For more pics & event info: please visit the Carnevale Facebook page at: