Saturday, September 1, 2012

American Warrior 300 Trophy: Race Winner

Ricky Stenhouse Jr is the big winner of the American Warrior 300 & going home with one of my creations; how cool is that!   The race results are starting to come in all over the internet along with images; so surreal to see the trophy as part of it :)

From the Life of Duty Facebook Page:
 The NRA American Warrior team is at the Atlanta Motor Speedway to cover the NRA American Warrior 300 NASCAR Nationwide race this Saturday, September 1. NRA commissioned Idaho sculpture Amber Conger to create a trophy from gun parts and military hardware that race officials have crowned the "most unique" trophy of the season. 
 I'm so glad that the trophy was well received; to be honest, I've been a bit stressed about it all week, lol :)  Unique is good; so happy that the project was a success.   I thought it was cool that after welding the scrap aluminum pieces together with the gun cut-outs; it was actually a pretty silhouette...
This has definately been one of my favorite trophy creations; again: thanks to everyone who helped me make it happen :)

Celebrating tonight...