Wednesday, August 22, 2012

New Jewelry on the Etsy Shop

The "Ice Queen" Set; necklace, earrings, & matching tiara: as seen at Boise Fashion Week :)
 Aluminum, copper, & sparkling crystals; sooo different!  Adjustable length necklace with dangle-fishhook style earrings & a tiara with a silver hair-comb.
A one-of-a-kind set: of my favs (I love copper & purple is my fav color)
Created from almost all up-cycled industrial parts & pieces....
The big copper pieces are spent plasma-torch part; some of them has such a cool discoloration from the heat: it makes them even better!
This set looked soooo great on the runway at Fashion Week; 
colorful & sparkling under the lights; I bet no-one even suspected it was made from mostly recycled parts & pieces, lol :)
Feminine, strong, industrial & pretty... love it!!

Thanks so much to Bourgeois Chic for letting me go wild with crazy new jewelry for the runway shows.  Also, thanks to Aubry Brower, Moz Couture, Nena Earl, Jim Reidenbaugh, Megan Wright  & Laurie Anne's Creations for the amazing photos!