Thursday, August 23, 2012

NASCAR Trophy Project

Last week I got an email that had something about NASCAR in the subject--I thought it was spam at first...
It was actually a request to make a trophy for an upcoming Nascar race; coming up on Labor Day--they asked if it could be done & I said yes, we agreed on a price & now the race is on to get it done & shipped in time!
Sooo, I came up with a design themed around guns; as the National Rifle Association is the sponsor & the race is honoring military & other service men & women.  Definately a change from crystals & tiaras for Fashion Week ; )

 Rough sketch of the basic idea & a few of the pieces & parts I'll be using.  The trophy is the one that inspired the project: somehow they ran across it online & tracked me down :)

More parts to work with & my lovely aluminum wheel-hub base :)

The base has been sitting outside for a few years just waiting for this project to come needed a bit of clean-up :)  

All shiny & pretty with some accent bolts; the huge bullets will be added to the base tomorrow, & the smaller ones will be going on the trophy portion....
We are working on cut files tonight to have custom parts cut tomorrow: then more clean-up, welding, & adding in all the accent pieces; that's when it gets really fun ; )
It has to be finished & ready to ship out to Atlanta on Monday...  Only the biggest, most elaborate trophy I have ever made & about a week to get it done, yikes!   

I'll be updating with more progress pics tomorrow.  Back to work for now ; )