Sunday, August 26, 2012

NASCAR Trophy: the Finish Line!

I've been playing with guns all day...

Itty bitty cute ones, lol :) 
They had to be cleaned up, ground smooth, washed & painted before they were ready to be a part of the NASCAR trophy....

But, they look so great now!  I decided to go with black & olive drab green paint for contrast, & I'm glad I did; the gun details really pop against the polished aluminum....  Tomorrow, the plaque will be added: I got a preview: it has digital camouflage, the race logo, the NRA logo, & it looks sooooo perfect!
The finish line is in site; I can't wait to see it all come together :)
Love the way the brass & copper contrast with the aluminum & military colors : )
Tomorrow, the plaque will be bolted on, & just a few touch ups, & it's ready to be shipped to Atlanta.
-after I take some pics, of course ; )-

The race is the American Warrior 300, sponsored by the NRA & it will be on ESPN on September 1st...

Check back for finished pics tomorrow...

 Thanks so much to Blake Trailers & Fabrication for the help with cutting & welding aluminum, & special thanks to Ray at Rouge Design Syndicate for the work on the logos/plaque/etc.   Also: a very special thanks to the community at 4-Chan for the recommendations & help with gun designs :)  And to my drafter & muse---could not have put this together without your help: thanks so much for all the time you put into are amazing!

I really could not do all these cool projects without the help of a lot of other talented people---so thankful for those that are willing to get involved & enjoy the process of making things happen :)  I feel like you all make me better & I'm grateful in every way...  Ooooh that was mushy, lol...I think I'll go back to the shop & grind on some steel now ; )   But, seriously, I appreciate everyone who has helped me along the way; I can't do it by myself, as you all know by now,  hehehehehe ; )