Sunday, August 5, 2012

Chick Pics---the herd of birds....

some amusing chicken pics from the other night :)  Chickens crack me up--I love having them around; even though they eat some of my garden plants & dig holes to take dirt baths, lol
The banties (1/2 size chickens) ducks & black kitty in the background :)

Red Chicken (yes, that's what we call them; red chicken, black chicken, grey chicken, etc)  Red Chicken thinks she is a super-model--always strutting around like a diva.  I sent a pic of her into Chicken magazine for a contest: don't tell her though--it will just add to her rock-star attitude...
Speaking of divas; the Skwishy Cat has to get in on the action any time there is a camera involved, lol

As the sun goes down; all the chickens make their way back to the coop: they have a 2nd story palace above the garden shed; complete with their own ramp--covered in black skid-steer tread: perfect for chicken feet :) 

The duckies, sometimes need a bit more encouragement to go to bed on time...just like little kids, I swear, lol

The herd of birds can be a bit pesty at times; they seem to always want to come in the shop & roost in my roll-around toolbox:  but really they are tons of entertainment & they keep the bugs & weeds under control.  And, the fresh, organic eggs every morning are a huge plus :)
Thinking of getting s'more of the little banties....hehehehe :)

Such a farm around my little shop; horses on one side, cows on the other, & my herd of birds....  And my sweetie would like nothing more than to bring home a pygmy goat--any day now; I wouldn't be surprised ; )