Wednesday, July 11, 2012

New Hair Accessories: coming soon :)

I made these hair clips for the the Bourgeois Chic Fashion Show a couple weeks ago: love them!  I just wanted to share: I'll be working on more designs to list on the shop soon :)
Salvaged copper wire that was pounded into shape with a hammer (good for taking out your frustrations ;) and old key, & feather accents.  The key & copper are soldered to the large silver hair clip.
this is the back of one : )  Perfect for an up-do or just clipped into long hair...
Another; with big, long pheasant feathers; too much fun!
And, I couldn't resist adding some sparkling crystals to this one... :)

These will be seen on the runway at Boise Fashion Week--details coming soon.  Also to be seen: copper tiaras, more feathers, & some new big necklaces: will post pics soon!

Look for all these soon on my Etsy shop; and see the in person at upcoming events: check the events page for the list: it's going to be a busy summer!!