Tuesday, July 10, 2012

New Colored Metal Wedding Bouquets

Just back from the powder-coater: alternative bouquets in color!
This was a special request from a bride; she wanted blue & black with silver accents, so I took out 5 plain aluminum bouquets & told the powder-coat guys to experiment: they gave me 3 options for the blue/black & then got creative with the others :)  
Of course they would do a BSU themed color scheme, lol :)  
This is my fav of the silver/blue/black colors :)
I was so impressed: they even added an overlay of metal-flake (aka sparkles) for the finishing touch :)
To be honest; I was pretty hesitant to get into colors: as I prefer the look of the real metal, but I must admit; the color options are a lot of fun.  And I'm comfortable with the powder-coat finish as it's super durable: not going to flake off or fade like a spraypaint would: I know the colors will last for years & years :)
I'll definitely be offering the option from now on; would love to see a candy-apple red, or lime green/turquoise!!

Just wanted to share :)  These are available on my Etsy shop; click the shop page above to see :)