Thursday, July 5, 2012


OMG; just found out that somehow I got nominated for the IAF Awards: best local artist.   Not sure how this happened, as I didn't promote it much, besides telling my Facebook peeps that I am making the trophies...  Thanks so much to whoever put my name forward in the nominations: I am sooooo surprised & excited : )   Maybe I will get to keep one of the trophies I am making for this, lol : )
To vote for you fav local artist, bartender, model, business, etc; follow the link below & click on Start Voting: you will have to enter your name & email & then will be able to vote on all the different categories: most have 3 or 4 nominees....

The awards ceremony will be on July 21st at the Egyptian in downtown Boise: it's going to be a fun event, with performances, local talent, film & more.   There will even be a short video of the making of the Fusion Awards; featuring yours truly : )  Filming early next week: I'm kind-of nervous...

Tickets are available through the Fusion Awards site: hope to see you there : )
Thanks again to all who nominated me: I still can't quite believe it!
Also, a bunch of the Bourgeois Chic crew were nominated including Nena Earl (fashion designer), Aubrey Brower (photographer),  Tiffany Cook-female model, Jonathan Smith--fitness trainer, Aaron Minegar---male fitness model : )  (I hope I'm not forgetting anyone--if so, let me know)

Cutting trophy parts next week; to assemble soon: thanks so much to Trademark Signs for getting on board to help out with the finishing touches : )   Check back for progress pics...