Saturday, July 21, 2012

Chicken Antics...

The chickens decided to come visit; through the open window...Normally, they stand outside the front door & look in; begging for treats & tap on the glass with their beaks :)

I've been meaning to do a chicken post for some time now: just been busy with events; Fusion this weekend, Boise Fashion Week next, then onto the RAW show in August, & Art in the Park & Carnevale in September...omg!

Anyway, we have 6 chickens on bug patrol, along with 2 ducks & just added in 2 little baby ducks: still yellow fuzzballs right now, but they will be big enough to join in the fun within a few weeks :)  
The herd of birds is quite entertaining; they roam around the property, make pests of themselves on the neighbor's patio, get chased out of the garden, eat some of my plants, & have started trying to lay eggs in the shop when I'm out there in the morning with the doors open: they seem to like my storage boxes, lol :)

2 banties & 4 big hens; on average 3 eggs a day now: they just started laying about a week & a half ago....and of course, they all like the same next box, so there has been some chicken-drama the last couple mornings...I might have to try the wooden-egg trick....

More pics to come; will try to get some good ones this weekend :)

Tomorrow night is the Fusion Awards; I'm still putting the final touches on the trophies: can't wait to see everyone all dressed up for the evening :)

Happy weekend!