Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Boise Fashion Week Pics

just wanted to share s'more pics from Boise Fashion Week.
from the Bourgeois Chic show on Thursday night :) Still loving those big battle axes...& the model: yep, that's my sweet-heart up there ; )
--photo by me (that's why it's blurry, lol--I'm not great at low light-working on it...)

One of my fav. necklaces made just for this collection :)  Copper with glass & matching copper earrings.  Photo by: AmmoPhotog

Necklace & earring set made from recycled aluminum, brass, & copper hardware & spent plasma torch parts, with purple crystal accents :)  Photo by the amazing Craig Lamere of Moz Courture
One of the looks for the Saturday night show; aluminum cuffs & earrings & necklace; love the asymmetry of the necklace :) Photo: Laurie Anne's Creattions

Another aluminum cuff with aluminum spikes necklace & earrings accented in red crystals :)  Photo by Nena Earl

More cuffs with aluminum necklace & tiara: clear icy snowflake crystals for accents :)  Photo by Aubry Brower

The icy set again for the Saturday night show :)  

And the fabulous "Queen Nena" & hubby with one of my fav necklace creations :)  Nena designed all the clothing & put together the whole Bourgeois Chic show :)

Looking forward to the next one; I already have some wild ideas for new crazy accessories.
Thanks to everyone who came out to see the shows & big thanks to Nena & the team for letting me join in the fun!


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