Tuesday, June 12, 2012

My First Fashion Show :)

Hoping you will join me to celebrate seeing my new designs on the runway :)
I am sooo super excited to be a part of this project: we will be introducing Bourgeois Chic on the runway for the first time on June 21st.

This will be my first ever runway show--I've been working like mad the last week on new designs--probably will be working like mad up until the moment the show starts, lol ; ) 

I have been making necklaces from old pipes, spent military cartridges,  & old wire, bracelets from pipes & recycled canisters, & earrings from tiny left-overs, hardware, & more....  There will be leather, lace, metal, feathers, & more: you don't want to miss this one!

The fashion show will be part of the RAWartist show: I was part of the first one in May--it was a huge success! You can expect a fun cocktail party atmosphere, with lots of art, music, performances on stage, film, & fashion: all in one evening :) 

Tickets are $10 in advance: available at:
Choose your favorite artist to support for the show; purchase now--the price goes up to $15 after the 18th ;)

Hope to see you there: I'll be upstairs with my display of new jewelry : )
 The fashion show will wrap up the event: probably around 11(ish)

If you have any trouble buying tix through the RAW site; just contact me directly & I'll set you up with tix :)