Friday, May 25, 2012

New Necklace :)

Just listed on my Etsy shop...
A mini digital painting to wear :)  If the image looks familiar: yes, it's a self portrait that ended up on the Carnevale posters last year ;)
I made a few of these up awhile back & have worn them a few times; always receiving comments; in the grocery store, bank, etc, lol.  It's always fun to tell strangers about what I do for a living :)
I like this side a lot, but turn it over & it's even more fun: the back reads: Well Behaved Women Rarely Make History.   I've always loved that quote :)
The necklace comes as a set with matching earrings in lovely shades of green.  Super sparkly, lightweight, & fun to wear---just had to share!    You can purchase the set on my Etsy shop at:

I'll also be making up lots more for the RAW show in June,  Boise Fashion Week,  Art in the Park, Carnevale, & whatever else comes along :)    Also working on some new designs for these funky little paintings: always interested in custom work if you have a photo you would like to turn into a necklace :)