Saturday, May 12, 2012

Boise Fashion Week: Sneak Peek :)

Yep; there is going to be a Fashion Week in Boise this summer...
And I'm part of a team that will be presenting an amazing collection of designs on the runway!
I'm super excited about it: I'm working on some fab new jewelry & accessories....
Check out some sneak-peeks: just a hint of what we will be showing...
The collection is called Bourgeois Chic (love it!) and we will be showing at least 9 looks...
We have an amazing group coming together to make this work :)
Wardrobe: Bourgeois Chic
Designer: Nena Earl
Project Director: Aubrey Brower
Jewelry: Refinerii -Amber Conger
Hair and Makeup: Jose Martinez & Spencer McBride
Models: Socorro Alatorre & Angela Williams
Fashion Week is going to be July 26th -29th.   Check out
for more: details will be added as they become available. 
Love this shot of the bracelets....  Recycled aluminum oxygen bottles that I cut up & polished :)  Love the contrast of the aluminum with the natural colors...   Will be adding sets of these bracelets to my Etsy shop soon :)  

More Fashion Week sneak-peeks to come...
for now, I better get back to work!