Wednesday, April 11, 2012

A Few New Offerings on Etsy

A few new offerings on my Etsy shop...

CAT Track Wine Rack: one of my most popular items when I first got started.  Made from reclaimed heavy-equipment parts; very heavy, but sooooo cool!   A solid steel gear segment from a CAT & a bucket tooth; also from a CAT; this wine holder weighs about 15 lbs, but it looks great as a table centerpiece or on the counter-top :)
Order here:  CAT Track Wine Rack

Custom created Award Trophies.
Another best seller I've been making for quite awhile now;  each set is unique: created from whatever recycled steel/metal parts I have on hand, with custom plaques.   Or you can send me your stuffs from your biz; I will make custom award using your pieces & parts :)
Order here: Custom Trophies

"Chain"  Unique Wall Art Piece
Made from salvaged steel, copper, tin, & hardware... this is one of the originals; signed & dated.
About 25" x 28"  and stand about 3" off the wall for dimension.
A fav. piece: I love the piece of galvanized tin with the rust; looks amazing with the torch-colored copper....
Order here: Chain Wall Art

More to come: 
vases, garden sculpture, wall art, house numbers, etc...