Thursday, April 26, 2012


Soooo, a few weeks ago: my sweetheart & I made a jaunt out to Fruitland to the "chicken ranch" to pick out some young birds to roam around the shop & yard & eat bugs (and lay eggs).
I intended on getting 5 chickies, but ended up with 8 in the cardboard box....
 They are still little: like pre-teens: some still have baby feathers; but we decided to let them free-range with the nice weather the other day...  OMG: so funny: they stay right around the chicken house right now: & the greenhouse where I was letting them run during the day: they circle around the 2 structures-which are on the back side of my shop: they even ventured into the shop for a bit before I discovered them & shooed them
The cats are facinated: so far, no chasing, but they love to watch the little flock wander about & play :)   I had chickens before, so they know they are not for chasing, but I think they want to...especially the banties :)     I have 4 banties (1/2 sized chickens) & 4 normal chickens; right now they are all about the same size: but they are growing by the day...
Beasty-Cat loves to watch them; I think he would love to have the chance to chase & catch one, but he knows better :) 
And Skwishy: he pays no attention to the chickies: he just wants to come meow at me & Josh & get pets...& treats...  Such the hunter-kitty, lol :)  

The chickens are growing by the day & soon will be wandering the entire property eating bugs & fertilizing as they go.  Will be adding a few ducks into the mix in a few weeks; can't wait!

We have over an acre of property to take care of & I have seen by experience the difference that chickens & ducks can make: the eat the pests, add fertilizer to the soil, & are so much fun to watch out in the yard.  And so easy to take care of...  With the mild winter, the bugs are going to be taking over this year, but with a few hungry beaks: they will keep things well under control :) 

 And the yummy organic eggs: I can't wait!  They should start laying around mid-summer.