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Alternative Wedding Bouquet Inspiration

I love bouquets. In fact, they’re probably one of my favorite parts of the wedding ensemble. I think that I love them so much because they can truly express what you feel in a way that words cannot.
But what if you’re allergic? Or you just don’t like roses or callas or any of the other "traditional" flowers? That would be awful! Can you imagine walking down the aisle sneezing the whole way? Or what if you just like to think outside the box? I’m a huge fan of being original--and what a great way to channel your originality!
So... what types of alternatives are out there?

Wire Bouquets

I think that I’ll start off with my new favorite. Wire bouquets. I love the whimsy and the blend of hard and soft. It’s almost poetic, don’t you think?
They’re absolutely stunning, aren’t they? You could even add in some greenery, feathers, or other accents to make it truly yours.


Not a fan of the industrial look? Never fear. If you’re into whimsical, then you’re going to love these pinwheels! They’re straight out of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory or Alice in Wonderland. Come to think of it... if you’re doing a theme wedding, these would rock!
How perfect would these be for your bridesmaids and flower girls? If pinwheels aren’t your style, you may want to consider fabric.

Fabric Bouquets

These are gorgeous. I love the endless choices and the amazing combinations.
With fabric bouquets, you have so many options. It truly is an endless opportunity.
Do you like bright tones? Muted? Patterned? Many of the talented artists over at Etsy will custom-make your bouquet--what about using the outfit you were wearing when he proposed? Or when he first asked you out?
If you still need more inspiration for an alternative bouquet, I have a few more that I would love to share with you:
The best part about all of these bouquets? You’ll have your bouquet forever. What a great keepsake! If you want to do flowers and an alternative bouquet, consider having floral bouquet to use for the actual bouquet toss (yes, some of us still do that). And you should probably definitely do that if you opt for the wire bouquet... just as a safety precaution.

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