Saturday, January 7, 2012

A peek into my little world....

Today, I thought I would share some pics from my little's a very fun & funky little space & I love it!  It's actually part of my shop...yep: I live in my shop, lol :)   The little shop was run down & half finished when I got ahold of if about a year good friend Marcella & I did the remodel almost all by ourselves-we had a bit of help with overhead sheetrock & a few things, but other than that, it was all us...  Pretty much everything we used was salvaged, re-used, scrounged, or built from my stash of junk: even all the paint was mis-mix or from Second Chance.
Starting with my chandelier....this is actually from the old Barbacoa: it used to be bright sparkling clear crystals, but after the fire everything is black & will not come off.  There are even some drips of melted glass...  When I saw it at Diamond Street Recycling, I had to have it: love the black imperfect-ness.  It got new wiring & a new home in my little living room...
Now it hangs above my train-spring table (please ignore the mess: was taking jewelry pics too)
The wood wall behind the little couch hides the fridge: it's made of old cedar fence pickets (Second Chance): I added a wash of white sparkly paint :)
And this is the view into my tiny kitchen...stainless steel sink from Craigslist, lights from the Re-Store, shelves from the Reuseum, & lots of fun & funky storage...
The overhead rack I made from some old trade show display pieces: works great for hanging things...
And my little bathroom...lockers for storage (these actually came from IKEA), a custom pedestal sink built from the same old trade show metal, metal shelving & boxes for storage.
Another view of the sink...  The basin & faucet were left-overs from a remodel project on another house, the mirror is one I made years ago: has some scratches so I couldn't use it for the project it was made for--but works great for me :)   And the funky shelves are actually pieces that were salvaged from some old machines....
$5 light fixture from the got a new coat of black paint & glass shades.  (the feathers are a hair accessory :)
Little metal boxes that I scored from the Reuseum....I use them to store extra contacts, soap, & other small things...
Added some little magnetic words just for fun...and they can be changed out whenever I want :)
Old first aid boxes--also from the Reuseum--they hold aspirin, cold medicine, etc.
And, one of my fav parts: ceiling fan/heater....there were holes around the outside because the old one was bigger, so I covered them with old rhinestone jewelry & other bits & baubles....Crystal chandelier on a budget, lol :)
And of course, I had to throw in a few gears too... ; )
These are my very steep, narrow stairs...a huge steel turnbuckle serves as the handrail :)
My computer station/jewelry workspace/wedding bouquet studio...
And looking the other way; the little chandelier hangs above the stairway, the shelf is an old wooden storage box; perfect for displaying some of my supplies.
My collection of jewelry stands :)
And back downstairs: an odd assortment of storage & display space :)

Well, thats if for now; thanks for joining me on my little tour....feel free to comment if you have any questions about the stuffs you see; I am happy to share where I got things/ what they are.  

 Next, we will take a look into the shop side (after I clean up a bit, lol)